CARPORT SHELTER kits 8X6M Steel Portable Carport 3.4 Side High 4.5M Ridge High

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Brighten Metals carport shelter is a durable and easy-to-install solution to protect your vehicle from the elements. It has a sturdy metal frame, full galvanized color steel panels roof for reliable protection against rain, snow, and UV rays. Our shelter is versatile and practical, making it a great addition to any outdoor space. You can choose from a range of sizes and styles that suit your preferences.

What is a carport?

A carport kit is a covered structure that provides shelter for vehicles, usually constructed with a roof supported by posts or columns.

What are the benefits of a carport shelter?

Carport kits offer benefits such as weather protection, shaded outdoor space, and versatility for storage and other uses. They are also affordable and easy to install.

Are carport shelters suitable for all weather conditions?

Carport kits are designed to protect vehicles from the elements and are suitable for most weather conditions. However, they may not be suitable for extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

What is the typical lifespan of a carport shelter?

Carport kits Australia’s lifespan depends on materials, construction quality, and maintenance. Proper maintenance can extend its life for many years.

What materials are carport shelters typically made of?

The most common materials used are metal and aluminum due to their durability and low maintenance requirements.

Do I need a building permit for a carport shelter?

The need for a building permit for a shade shed varies depending on your location and local regulations. It is best to check with your local authorities to determine if a permit is required. If you do need a permit, we can help you with the process.

How do I choose the right size for my carport?

Choose the right shed carport size by considering your vehicle size, number of vehicles, and available space. Measure the area to ensure a proper fit.

Can a carport shelter be customized to my needs?

Yes, Brighten Metals offer a variety of options and can help you design a custom shade shed to meet your specific needs and preferences, such as size, materials, and additional features.

How long does it take to install a carport shelter?

The installation time for a shed carport varies depending on the size and complexity of the structure and the installer’s experience, but many double carport can be installed in a day or two.

Can I install the carport shelter myself or do I need to hire a professional?

Before choosing whether to install a portable carport yourself or hire a professional, we suggest assessing your abilities and carefully reviewing the installation instructions. Fortunately, our temporary carport is intended to be simple to assemble, making them an excellent choice for those at ease with DIY projects.

How long does it take to receive my carport shelter after I place an order?

Standard portable carport ship in 2 days after payment. Customized carport kit may take longer and the delivery timeframe depends on the design and manufacturing process. We will give you an estimated delivery timeframe once the details are finalized.

Will the carport shelter be delivered to my property, or do I need to pick it up?

We offer a variety of delivery options, including home delivery, local pick-up, and secure delivery to your local depot via established courier partnerships.

What’s the size and weight of the package for the carport shelter?

Our single carport, double carport and carport for caravan range from 2.2m x 1.1m x 0.5m in size and weigh between 330 to 900kg, and come complete with metal frame, roof panels, hardware, and instructions.

What should I do if I notice a defect or issue with my carport shelter?

Contact our sales team immediately if you notice any defects or issues with your temporary carport to determine the next steps.

What is the warranty for my carport shelter?

Our steel carport sheds come with a 5-year frame structure warranty, while our aluminum carport sheds come with a lifetime frame warranty covering rust. If parts fail during the warranty period, we provide replacement parts at no cost.

What does warranty not cover?

The warranty doesn’t cover damage from wear and tear, accidents, misuse, lack of maintenance, change of ownership, or incorrect assembly. Store cartons and materials dry and covered with a tarp, clear of the ground to avoid damage. The warranty is significantly reduced if the carport is near saltwater or prone to cyclones and damaging weather. Limited warranty applies in these conditions.

What maintenance is required for a carport shelter?

Carport shelters generally require minimal maintenance, such as occasional cleaning and inspection of the structure and roof for any damages.

How does maintenance factor into warranty policy?

Maintaining your carport is crucial to its condition and functionality. Neglecting maintenance can damage the carport and shorten its lifespan. Our Brighten Metals carport shelter warranty may be voided if recommended maintenance is not performed, so it’s important to follow the guidelines to keep the warranty valid.

Can a carport shelter be attached to my house?

Yes, carport shelters can be attached to your house or other structures for additional protection and convenience.

Can a carport shelter be used for other purposes besides vehicle storage?

Single carport, double carport and carport for caravan have other uses beyond vehicle storage, including outdoor gatherings, lawn equipment storage, and covered patio areas.

Can I add walls to my carport to turn it into a garage?

Add walls to your double carport kit to turn it into a garage, but additional construction and permits may be required. Our carport can be fully enclosed with additional sheets, but it won’t become a garage. It provides additional protection from the elements.

How much does a gable carport cost?

Gable carport cost varies based on size, materials, and location. Basic metal carports start at $1,600 and can go up to $5,000, while elaborate aluminum carports can cost over $5,000 on average.

Can I use a carport shelter as a temporary structure?

Double carport kit can be used temporarily for outdoor events or construction projects as they are easy to install and remove.

Can I install lighting in my carport?

Install lighting in your carport kits Australia for better visibility at night. Options include motion-activated lights and solar-powered lights.


-Protection: Provide protection for your vehicle from the elements

-Versatility: Can be used for various purposes

-Durability: Heavy duty galvanized frames 60x60x2mm and 0.35mm steel roof panels

-Easy to assemble: Advanced Slot-in Design for Easy Assemble / Disassemble with basic tools

-Customizable: Can be customized to fit your specific needs

-Cost-effective: Compared to traditional garages, carport shelters are generally more affordable

8.2m wide X 6m deep X 3.4m wall high/4.5m ridge high 
Total weight 650kg
1.5m distance between each upright post, not 1.8m or 2m

Custom build your carport shelter

– Available in multiple sizes

– No concrete slab, No problem! Our special ground anchors got you covered

– Windy area? See our carport accessories for support bracing

– Need one side fully enclosed? We’ve got you covered with extra sheets

Additional information

Weight 639 kg
Dimensions 223 × 122 × 70 cm
Roof Color

Cream, Dark Grey, Rivergum Green