Assembly Guide

Steel Carport shelter - Vertical Roof

The vertical roof style metal carport shelter is the strongest option available. 

The roofing panels run vertically from the peak to the sides, featuring a waterproof design that eliminates the need for silicone. 

This carport shelter also looks similar to a home or office building, so they fit nicely in these settings. With this steel carport shelter, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that it requires straightforward annual maintenance and inspections, sparing you from complex future upkeep.

Steel Carport shelter - Wrapped Roof

The standard roof style (wrapped) metal carport shelter is the original and most budget-friendly design. Its roofing panels run from front to back. 

Compared to the vertical roof style, the wrapped roof style utilizes short roof panels, requiring silicone for waterproofing and specific installation skills. Regular yearly maintenance is needed, along with reapplying silicone every 3-5 years to ensure continuous waterproofing. 

Nonetheless, it’s a cost-effective carport choice worth considering.